Pipeline Accessories

R2M is pleased to collaborate with 4 Pipes GmbH. Please visit their website to view the full range of pipeline accessories.

Pressio Wall Penetration Seal

The safest option of wall penetration for pipes wherever annular spaces must be sealed. The seals are soft rubber and the pressure plates stainless steel.It remains tight under pressing water.

Seals can be customised to customer’s specifications. Special versions for different tube shapes, eccentric feed-through and for multiple pipes are possible.

Pressio Elements, high quality penetration seal                

Well proven seals for hydrostatic sealing against pressing water. Specifications available to suit different applications, for example ‘extra soft’ for plastic pipes.

Compenseal Flexible End Seals

Flanged towards the wall when pipe movements or settings are expected.This system offers a secure seal up to 1,0 bar with a maximum annular space of 70mm.The seal is especially suitable for warm pipelines such as pre-insulated district pipelines

Wall Collars

Act as a barrier for pipes in the wall especially at floor and wall penetrations, where service pipes or sleeve pipes are cast directly into the concrete.

Anti Corrosion Tapes – DUO TP1823.32

Several DVGW certified tapes are used for field corrosion protection on steel pipes eg; for welded joints and bends.High quality Butyle as well as classic bitumen and petrolatum tapes are available.

Gunmetal Service Fittings

  • Self-tapping saddles
  • Ferrous self tapping saddles
  • Bossed saddles
  • Ferrules

Drilling and Cutting Equipment

  • Drilling machines
  • Cutting equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • EF tooling
  • Pipe freezing equipment

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