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KD 01.5 Vortex Grit Chamber




The Vortex Grit Chamber type KD 01.5 is a compact grit trap constructed of steel thereby permitting a considerable reduction of construction costs.

KD 01.5 Vortex Grit Chambers are available in sizes ranging from 25 m3/h to 500 m3/h.

Separation values
Guaranteed separation values according to the ATV (the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences) (80% of max. flow).

95% of all free grit particles greater than or equal to 0.2 mm.
90% of all free grit particles greater than or equal to 0.16 mm.

Vortex Grit Chambers are used for separation of grit and water and if necessary of floating material.

The grit trap is a welded construction consisting of an outer tank, an inner tank and if needed, a floating outlet used for separation of floating material.

The inner construction and the large circulating air flow provide an efficient separation of grit and water.

Vortex Grit Chambers are available in a black steel version which is subsequently surface treated with coal tar epoxy or in a corrosion or acid resistant steel version. Corrosion and acid resistant Vortex Grit Chambers are totally pickled.

If Vortex Grit Chambers are placed outdoor, it must be ensured that they are frost-proof (insulated).

We can supply fully operational circular grit traps equipped with air fans, grit pumps, controls, etc. ready for use.

Outlet for floating material.

We can supply 2 different solutions for grit dewatering: the Grit Dewatering Unit type KD 01 or the Sand Washer type KD 27 used for grit washing.

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