KD 05.3 Stop Gate



The stop gate KD 05.3 is used for servicing, change-over or to lead the flow in a certain direction for longer periods.

The stop gate KD 05.3 is a simple, manually operated gate. Large gates (bigger than 1000 x 1000 mm) or high water pressures may require shutter lifting by a crane or similar equipment.

For regulating gates or if further tightness, etc. is required, we recommend using one of the other KD gate models.

The stop gate model KD 05.3 is a simple and robust construction which requires a minimum of maintenance.

An EPDM rubber gasket with double lips is mounted between frame and gate plate ensuring sufficient tightness at water pressure from two sides. An EPDM rubber gasket is also mounted at the bottom.

The gate plate is equipped with a lever or a lifting ring (at hoist).

The stop gate model KD 05.3 is available in sizes according to customer requirements and is also supplied in optional materials.

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