KD 07 Gravity Belt Thickener




Gravity Belt Thickeners KD 07 constitutes a series of thickeners that are especially constructed for combination with the belt press series KD 10, 11 and KD 13. It can however also be delivered as a stand-alone unit.

The thickener is normally used when the dry matter content of the sludge is below 2%.

The thickener is constructed on a carrying base with a hot-dip galvanised steel frame which is adapted to fit directly on top of the belt press.

All parts, that may come in direct contact with water or sludge, such as rollers, the outlet/reject tray and the sludge trough, are made of stainless steel.

The driving roller is rubber coated and also works as a belt guide.

All bearings are external standard bearings of the model SKF ensuring easy inspection and service-ability.
The thickener is completely encased in stainless steel covers and doors, making ventilation possible.

When the belt press and thickener is combined, the control and supervision of the thickener is performed by the belt press PLC.

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