KD 08 Sludge / Lime Mixer



The sludge / lime mixer model KD 08 is mainly used for stabilization of dewatered biological sludge from wastewater treatment. The machine has been designed towards providing a good stabilization of the sludge with a minimum of lime dosage. This brings the operating costs to a minimum. A properly stabilized mixture of sludge and lime also minimizes the risk of pathogen regrowth.

Design Sludge / Lime Mixer KD 08
The sludge / lime mixer model KD 08 consists of a stainless steel housing with two rotating shafts inside. Each of the two shafts are fitted with a number of adjustable paddles that mix the sludge and lime. The shafts rotates at a constant speed by means of two high-quality gear drives. The housing is made of dip-pickled stainless steel.

The shafts are made of high strength steel (St. 52.3), and the paddles are made of wear resistant Hardox steel.

Mixing sludge and lime often generates a large amount of ammonia gas. Thus the sludge / lime mixer has been equipped with a connection pipe for ventilation, which makes it possible to capture the ammonia directly, without having to indirectly remove the ammonia by ventilating all the air in the room.

Operating principle
Lime and sludge is added from the top in one end of the mixer housing. The rotating shafts ensure a good mixing of the material. At the same time the angle of the paddles leads the sludge/lime mixture towards the outlet in the other end of the machine. The paddles can be fixed at any angle relative to the shaft axis. As a result of this the sludge retention time can be prolonged or shortened. If a particularly thorough mixing, or long retention time, is required some of the paddles can be fixed in a “counter angle” position.

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