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The Biofilter Distributor Type KD 17 is specially designed for even distribution of water over a biofilter. Water is led through the central pipe and gravitates to the four rotating distribution arms. Here the water is led out of specially designed outlet orifices causing the Biofilter Distributor to rotate. It is possible to adjust rotation speed by turning some of the outlet orifices opposite the rotating direction.

The Biofilter Distributor is equipped with a number of outlet orifices placed on each of the four distribution arms in order to ensure even distribution over the filter surface.

The Biofilter Distributor can be supplied in sizes that will fit tanks with diameters from 3-30 metres.

The Biofilter Distributor is designed as one construction in order to ensure minimal service and maintenance.

The Biofilter Distributor consists of a central pipe flanged on a distributor base of either concrete or steel/plastic pipe. The distributor cap is mounted on the central pipe and is embedded in the top by a ball bearing and controlled on the side by 3 wheel brackets. Both wheel and top bearings can be lubricated centrally either by manual lubrication or SKF24H lubrication.

The distributor cap is furnished with 4 flanges on which distributor arms can be bolted. In addition to connection at flange, the arms are equipped with a steel wire from outer arm edge to central cap as well as between each arm. This ensures that the arms are kept in their correct positions.

The Biofilter Distributor Type KD 17 can be supplied with central pipe and distributor arms in galvanised, stainless or acid-proof steel.

Outlet orifices are supplied in stainless or acid-proof steel.

Stainless and acid-proof materials are totally pickled after manufacturing.

The advantage of gravitational rotation is that the Biofilter Distributor can be operated without a gear motor and therefore does not require power.

Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S can assist you with both design and choice of filter material.

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