KD 25 Sludge Silo




Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S projects, manufactures and mounts sludge silos to be used for i.a. industrial and municipal sewage works. This is made in respect of what the customer wants when it comes to design, capacity, materials, and surface treatment.

The silos can be delivered with a ‘living bottom’, consisting of screw conveyors without shaft KD 02. The outlet is gathered in a sectional screw conveyor, also of the KD 02. From this point it is possible to transport the sewage further on by means of screw conveyors. Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S is also a manufacturer of screw conveyors KD 02, and has wide experience within this field, i.e. transport of drained sewage, and has thus the possibility of offering an overall solution as to loading and deloading into a silo.
If a customer wants to use pumps for the loading and deloading instead of screw conveyors KD 02, this is also possible. In connection with material having a tendency of packing, it is possible to equip the silo with bridge breakers.

The load-bearing construction (legs) are delivered with bed plates having load cells, which make it possible to carry out a constant control of the amount of sewage in the silo.

When mounted outdoors, the silo may be faced with e.g. PEX-tubes for heating, thus making the silo frost proof. Further, the silo is insulated with mineral wool or similar and finally it is covered on the outside by ALCAN plates in the colour and brilliance required by the customer.

Many years of experience within projecting, manufacturing and mounting of machinery equipment for sewage works both in Denmark and abroad makes it possible for Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S to assure a high quality from the manufacturing to the finished mounting.

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