KD 36 Aeration Unit



Aeration Unit DK 36 is a developed solution for a complete aeration unit enabling quick and easy installation.

Design Aeration Unit
The standard bridge construction is made in galvanized steel, complete with safety rail in a grid design. The bridge is available with either full span or with feet. The rail can be provided with elbows and baseboards. The rotor is mounted in steel consoles, at gear and end bearing, respectively.

The gangway of the Aeration Unit is provided with slip-resistant aluminium profiles protecting the unit against splashing, and the bridge can be provided with the following: guide plates, sound and aerosol skirt, aerosol covers, ice protector, safety bars/wire.

The alu-cover is provided with two access doors for servicing gears and end bearing. Sound shell and switch for motor is available, just as bridge lighting, etc.

If additional stirring is requested, for example a Landia stirrer, this can also be provided.

For further information on rotors, please refer to Maxi Rotor Maxi Rotor DK 31 or Midi Rotor Midi Rotor DK 32

Bridge construction and accessories are also available in corrosion and acid resistant steel at your request.

Capacity of the Aeration Unit
For oxygen performance, please refer to charts.
Maxi- and midirotor.

Advantages of the Aeration Unit
Aeration Unit has a simple and very quick installation, can be used where there is a need to increase existing aeration capacity

Aeration Unit can be installed on point foundations in case of membrane plants.

Aeration Unit can be mounted with water in the tanks.

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