KD 41 Aerostrip Diffuser



The diffuser is a quality product, developed by an Austrian company in 1995. AEROSTRIP® diffuser are used in a huge number of plants all over the world. For detailed information, please see the reference list.

The diffuser is energy efficiency, and has reduced maintenance costs.

Facts about AEROSTRIP®:
Oxygen transfer efficiency of up to 60%.

Competitive performance through optimal aeration efficiency value, aeration efficiency of up to 5~6 kg 02/kWh.

Diffuseres are extremely flat and available in various lengths up to 4.5 meters.

Installations on the bottom at the tank, this will gain water depth and more travelling time for the bubble on their way to the surface.

The diffusers do not use EPDM membranes but another type – polyurethane and silicone that is perforated without material dislocation, and opens pores gradually as the specific load increases.

The membranes have a lifespan of 15 years, depending on plant design and operating conditions.

Intermittent operation possible (O~100 % control of airflow range).

AEROSTRIP® has theoretical coverage of 98 % and a feasible coverage of maximum 70%

Layout design with flexible lengths allows installation in all existing installations.

Condensate removal systems is not needed for AEROSTRIP® manifolds.

Lowest dynamic resistance against water flow (when using propellers).

By calculating the total cost a life cycle of 15 years shall be reported.

Membrane renewal expenses are normal. The frequency of the renewal depends on the manufacturer and method used. AEROSTRIP® estimate with a 15 years lifespan.

Energy expenditures tend to be increasing therefore there is a need for high efficiency aeration systems.

Efficient systems demand less airflow, smaller pipe work sizes and smaller blower units.

Energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs

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