End Restraint Pipe & Fittings

R2M supplies what is probably the most comprehensive range of end restraint systems in the UK. Designed to provide rapid solutions for both emergency and planned maintenance in sectors including water, gas, petrochemical and fire protection. Using end restraint fittings offers a more cost effective solution compared to traditional concrete thrust blocks or tie bar assemblies.

  • Nova Sira Smartjoints – universal fittings with end restraint from 58mm uti 327mm dia.
  • Nova Siria Multigrips – universal fittings with end restraint from 300mm uti 1400mm+ dia.
  • Couplings, flange adaptors and step fittings for ductile iron, cast iron, steel, PE and PVC

Nova Siria End Restraint Fittings:

  • Reduces stock – any single fittings can join PE/D.Iron/Cast/Steel & PVC
  • Fittings available from 58mm uti 1400mm+
  • Couplings also available reducing the need for expensive ‘back to back’ flange adaptor scenarios
  • 30mm tolerance – ensures ease of fitting even with ‘out of round pipe’. Will often fit even if the pipe has been incorrectly callipered
  • No need for tie bar arrangements / concrete thrust blocks
  • No heating blankets or re-rounding tools on PE…merely a torque wrench

Multigrip flange adaptor

Smart joint flange adaptor

Multigrip flange adaptor

multigrip stepped coupling

Smart joint coupling


Smart joint coupling

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