Water Companies are under ever more pressure to avoid interrupting supplies and risking regulator fines.




Why would you risk shutting off to do a ‘piece in’ or a bypass?

  • Customers need to be carded
  • Technicians involved to turn off valves
  • Usually larger excavation to ‘piece in new pipe’
  • Discoloration & complaints from customers
  • Old seals don’t always go back into place resulting in other joints now leaking
  • Risk of complaints & GSS fines



R2M Encapsulation Collars

  • NO shut off, NO customer disruption, NO technicians to close valves, NO effect on nearby joints during de / re pressurisation, NO chlorination.
  • NO specialist contractors
  • Repairs done by own teams with stock items resulting in faster response times
  • Wide tolerance easy fit on multiple types of pipe, leaking joints
  • Seal on DI, Cast, PVC, PE, AC, GRP
  • Improved KPI figures and reduction in potential GSS fines.




R2M Emergency Call Out Service

  • Available 24/7 don’t be afraid of the size of the pipe …we can come and calliper and fit the collar for you
  • Quote from NMC Operations Team after winning outstanding customer Service Award R2M have been our knight in shining armour each and every time we have had an emergency scheme, including two high profile projects on major water treatment works in the midlands, both of which had the potential to leave customers without water”. They have repeatedly responded to our calls at all times of the day and night (even at 3am on a Saturday morning) and have worked with us to ensure all of our requirements are met; this has included liaison on the design of repair works, as well as opening up their workshop and distribution facility out of hours, to ensure our requirements were met, to ultimately deliver an outstanding service to our client’.


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