Reduce your carbon footprint


Are you really doing enough to combat Co2 emissions and promote efficiency on site?


  • The cement industry is responsible for 5% of worldwide man made carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Concrete thrust blocks are only as stable as the ground they are on. Not guaranteed to work
  • Problems with concrete curing below 5 deg C
  • Prevents access to existing and surrounding mains for future work / modifications
  • Fear of failure means they are often over calculated meaning larger excavations
  • Tipping costs and increased emissions from concrete trucks and tipping trucks.


Molecor MoPVC Pipe

  • Molecor is thin wall yet 5 times stronger than PE meaning less material & less weight.
  • On average 16 bar Molecor produces 44% less emissions to produce than SDR11 PE 100
  • On average 75% lighter than Ductile Iron and 50% lighter than PE
  • Less requirement for heavy lifting equipment therefore less machines running
  • No generators to power fusion machines therefore less CO2.



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