R2M offer a range of products that promote safe working practices to keep your operatives free from injury



3S Smart Portable Actuators for Calm Networks

A battery powered portable actuator weighing only 6.8 KG for use on cap top and handwheel operated valves and penstocks
•         Allows for safe operation of valves by single operative.
•         Produces up to 900Nm of torque (can be increased to 1800Nm with a torque booster)
•         Option for a permanent top plate for valves with a high number of turns to be installed so operatives can benefit from hands free actuation from a portable unit
•         Enables workers to operate even heavy turning valves without the risk of injury and with vastly decreased turbidity in the network.

Molecor MoPVC Pipe

  • Molecor is thin wall yet 5 times stronger than PE meaning less material & less wight.
  • On average 75% lighter than Ductile Iron and 50% lighter than PE
  • Less requirement for heavy lifting equipment and less back injuries
  • Easy to manoeuvre even large pipes in the trench
  • Easy & fast push-fit assembly meaning operatives are out of the trench much faster
  • Customers comments include ‘incredibly light’, ‘much easier to install’, ‘no brainer’.

Nova Siria Multigrip End Restraint Fittings

  • Often only one fitting required to join any material and full end restraint meaning less time in trench
  • How using 30mm wide tolerance fittings will reduce labour time and the risk to operatives
  • From a Totex / H&S view Aquagrips are not special equipment required so less chance of injuries
  • Multigrips can be made as a ‘1 Piece’ step coupler, bend, tee or manifold again reducing fittings and labour cost and time in the trench

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