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cQuick² Encapsulation Collars 80-200mm


R2M’s range of cQuick 2 encapsulation collars offer a quick, light and viable solution to making a permanent repair of leaking AC collars, CI socket spigot and any other leak which falls within the OD tolerance (i.e. EF couplers, existing repair clamps etc).

The new cQuick² has a larger 17-19mm tolerance so will capture DI pipe also as well as having a larger encapsulation collar which can cover leaking flanges or compression couplers.

The new improved cQuick² was developed after consumers expressed their need to capture more pipe OD’s, the old version would encapsulate 7 different pipe OD’s,

whereas the new cQuick² will capture 27 different pipe OD’s, as well as leaking flanges and larger sockets/Couplings. With many other benefits only associated with the R2M cQuick².

All installations can be made under live conditions without the need to shut off the water, re-pressurise, chlorinate, sample etc and with no disruption to customers supplies.


  • 17-19mm tolerance
  • Encapsulation
  • Collar. 16 bar rated with cavity
  • Large enough for collars and socket & flanges
  • Spigot bells
  • Encapsulates E/F couplings & existing repair clamps
  • All are 16 bar rated and can be installed using only a 24mm socket and torque wrench
  • Quick, easy installation: only side bolts to be tightened
  • Easy to fit, even on out of round pipes
  • 360° coverage
  • 8° angular deflection
  • WRAS Approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
  • WRAS Approved Sealing Systems

Patent Reference GB2527717



Duofit Wide Range Encapsulation 250mm – 3000mm

The Duofit Explained

  • Smaller excavations
  • No supply interruption
  • No mains emptying
  • No pipe cutting
  • Economy low costs for installations
  • Definitive repair
  • Wide range
  • Suitable for pipes of any material
  • Choice of body length
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • 30mm tolerance range on pipe outside diametre
  • Compression flanges and coupling sleeve in two pieces
  • Working pressure PN 10 and 16 – other pressures on request
  • Cast iron
  • HDPE
  • PVC
  • Asbestos concrete
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass

R2M Encapsulation Collar

Installation Service

R2M can now offer the complete supply and install package for our off the shelf encapsulation collars

Collars avail for encapsulating leaking socket spigot joints, couplers, collars, ferrules, all installed live, by our experts:

NO shut off, NO Disruption, NO Discoloration,

NO customer complaints.

  • Call us to measure and survey
  • We supply and install the clamp
  • 100% live / no shut off required
  • Fully guaranteed installation
  • Special sizes also available to encapsulate valves etc
  • Other services available on request

3”–  48” Sizes in stock, ready for immediate installation

  • Always On • No Disruption • No Bypass • Fast Installation Resin Injection Smaller Excavation • Training • End Restraint Fitting Installation • Hot Tapping



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