R2M’s UnJammer

Mechanical Valve Release Key

R2M’s UnJammer is a mechanical valve release key, designed to free jammed valves. It uses kinetic energy to open or close most stuck valves by applying kinetic shock to the spindle in a measured way. It is portable and can be operated by WaterCompany’s own engineers and can be used in emergency situations, without the delay and cost to call on specialist contractors.

Each unit is supplied with a training demonstration which can take place out in the field on a stuck valve, or in a training centre of demonstration rig.


Each kit comprises handlebar and mechanism, kinetic weights, reinforced drive shafts in 0.5mtr, 1mtr & 1.5mtrs lengths with ‘dollies’ for standard square taper, large square taper and triangular spindles adapters.

During this field based training session, 18 engineers were given ‘hands on’ training in a live situation.
The demonstration ‘UnJammed’ a long standing problem valve that could not be operated for many years.

Precision manufactured from high quality materials, the ‘UnJammer’s’ mechanism only requires minor lubrication for hassle free operation.

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