Hydrant Clamp

The Hydrant Clamp is a device designed to resist the unscrewing of a Series 19 Hydrant where the outlet adapter and main chamber are at risk of un-screwing during operation and fitment of apparatus. The devise incorporates 2 female hex shapes which interlock with the ‘at risk’ chambers of the hydrant, to resist either chamber from un-screwing. It effectively becomes a captive ring spanner, which is designed specifically to fit the shape and contours of the Hydrant. It also performs 2 additional safety functions in that it prevents the original manufacturer’s locking devise from un screwing, as well as holds both chambers vertically, in order that they should not rise upwards if they were to un-screw. After fitment, the hydrant can be utilised in the normal way.

Installation of a Hydrant Clamp means a Series 19 Hydrant which is deemed as posing a risk, can be made safe and still function without any excavation, interruption to customer’s supplies, reinstatement etc. 

The Hydrant Clamp devise is now in v6.2, as shown above in 3D printed form. Each version has incorporated refinements to the shape. In a recent field trial of the v6.2 version, installation took only 3 minutes to complete and requires only a 6mm Allen key to install.

Initial Field trials of stainless steel fabricated version (v3) which proved the concept, function-ability and ease of installation without need for any excavation or interruption of customer’s supplies.

CAD Designed v6.2 fits the hydrant and engages with the hexagons to resist any rotation or un-tightening of either chamber (200Nm for the main chamber and 120Nm for the outlet) Captive locking tabs secure it in place firmly


Patent App GB1906293.4

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