R2M offers major Totex cost savings when you embrace this technology…

Nova Siria Multigrip & Wide Range fittings

  • Less fittings = less cost – A single wide tolerance fitting can replace many dedicated fittings
  • Less Stock – Multigrip fittings can be manf as a Coupling. 1 fitting could replace 8 dedicated restrained Flange Adaptors for PE as you need 2 back to back to make up a coupling.
  • Less Stock 2 – Most dedicated PE FA’s are also SDR specific so you need to stock SDR11/17/21/26 at every diameter x 2 to make a coupling.
  • Simplify Jointing – Virtually any 30mm Tol end restraint fitting made in one piece inc adaptors, couplings, steps, bends, tees
  • Easier Design – Multigrips reduces the need to design in Dismantling Joints – Multigrips can be unlocked and slid up the pipe which negates the use for Dismantling Joints on dirty water chambers.
  • Reduce the need for Thrust blocks – Full restraint means often no requirement for thrust blocks reducing the use of concrete
  • More Savings – No special equipment to join them, no generators running…just a torque wrench




Molecor MoPVC Pipe

  • Fast laying times due to easy push-fit joints
  • Molecor is thin wall yet 5 times stronger than PE, meaning less material & less weight.
  • On average 16 bar Molecor produces 44% less emissions to produce than SDR11 PE 100
  • On average 75% lighter than Ductile Iron and 50% lighter than PE so less need for heavy lifting equipment
  • No generators to power fusion machines therefore less CO2
  • Lightweight so can be carried on vans unlike heavy ductile



R2M Encapsulation Collars

  • NO shut off, NO customer disruption, NO technicians to close valves, NO effect on nearby joints during de / re pressurisation, NO chlorination.
  • NO specialist contractors
  • Repairs done by own teams with stock items resulting in faster response times
  • Wide tolerance easy fit on multiple types of pipe, leaking joints
  • Seal on DI, Cast, PVC, PE, AC, GRP
  • Improved KPI figures and reduction in potential GSS fines.



3S Smart Portable Actuators for Calm Networks

A battery powered portable actuator weighing only 6.8 KG for use on cap top and handwheel operated valves and penstocks
•         Allows for safe operation of valves by single operative.
•         Produces up to 900Nm of torque (can be increased to 1800Nm with a torque booster)
•         Option for a permanent top plate for valves with a high number of turns to be installed, so operatives can benefit from hands free actuation from a portable unit
•         Enables workers to operate even heavy turning valves without the risk of injury and with vastly decreased turbidity in the network.


Live Valve Insertion from 100-600mm dia

  • Easy & fast live insertion of a fully operable Resilient Seat Gate Valve
  • No more shut offs
  • Reduce impact on customers during events (bursts)
  • Easily isolate sections of water mains



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