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R2M is getting prepared for Brexit

R2M is getting prepared for Brexit. We all know there might be nothing to it but just in case we have brought in the first of 7 extra container deliveries this week of Ductile Iron, Nova Siria Fittings & Valves. So remember if Theresa gets it wrong R2M will put it right!💦 #R2M #BrexitPlanning #AlwaysHere #ALWAYSON

What an amazing effort by the R2M team

What an amazing effort by the R2M team in the early hours of this morning. Major UK water company with burst requiring 1000mm Ductile Iron, pipes, valves couplings, flange adapters, bolts. Our boys pulled everything together including this dedicated vehicle resulting in delivery to site this morning. Very proud of what we do here at R2M.  #R2M #24/7 #EmergencyService #ALWAYSON…

Saturday night

Saturday night and our fantastic team is in loading a full truck load of 600mm Ductile,  fittings, pipework and Multisize FA’s. Yet again R2M is there when water companies need to keep the water ALWAYS ON 💦 #R2M #24/7 #EmergencyService #100%#FixBurstsFast #MinimiseMinutesLost     Thank you for your assistance! Very much appreciate. Jason Thanks Jason . Glad we could help…

Burst pipes disrupt Cadbury’s and Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover and Cadbury’s-owner Mondelez faced disruption at their plants in the Midlands due to water shortages caused by burst pipes in the region. Severn Trent Water is working to fix water supply problems caused by the big thaw after recent cold weather. Mondelez said it now has limited water supply to its site in Bournville and some manufacturing…

100-600mm Valves avail

    100mm EZ Valve live insertion on customers pressurised rig. Just 30 mins at this size. 100-600mm Valves avail. R2M have teamed up with our partner AVT in order to offer this kit to water companies and contractors that will allow valves to be installed under pressure to re zone and help with reducing the impact of customer mins…

Molecor Class 500 MoPVC

This last week R2M has been engaging with water companies and their pipeline designers. Reducing Carbon Footprint is high on the agenda and Molecor Class 500 MoPVC has a significantly better score than any other pressure pipeline material…by far. On ave 44% better than PE 100. At 630mm alone it’s 51% lower. For a copy of the full details please contact…

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