DN: 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600
PN: 10, 16
Material: Ductile iron
Short, EN 558-1 group 14
cat.no. 4000E2 / page A 2/5

HAWLEA, a ground-breaking development in valve technology. Due to the unique mono bloc design the weight can be significantly reduced yet concurrently absorbing much higher pressures compared to previous designs. The monocoque housing design fully eliminates the possibility for leakage between body and bonnet because they are completely fused into one complete house.  In addition, the spindle bearings are constructed with high precision in our modern production facilities and then connected by means of a bayonet to the monocoque valve housing. This bayonet connection offers the revolutionary advantage of 100% corrosion protection through advanced GSK epoxy powder coating.

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