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Thanks very much, once again R2M have been able to support us in resolving an emergency repair at short notice.

Best regards,


Balfour Beatty

Hello Ant,

Please don’t feel the need to apologise for any perceived delay in the quotation, I wish all suppliers reacted with the efficiency of the staff at R2M.

Kindest regards,


Design Supply & Install Ltd

Rolls Royce Chichester


As installers of the 355mm HPPE SDR 11 fire main at Rolls Royce Chichster we were notified by the Civil’s contractor later Sunday 13thJanuary 2013 that the fire main had been damaged this is a Critical fire main around the whole plant and as such has to be repaired as a matter of urgency.



Due to site conditions it was not possible to repair the main using EF or Butt Fusion methods because of the water in the main. We finally realised we needed to use a mechanical end restraint coupler. through previous experience we realised there was only one company   that would be able to help on a Sunday afternoon as R2M is available 24/7 and they have assisted us in the past. They were able to check stock remotely and confirmed the specialist Nova Siria end load fittings were in stock within 30minutes. Their Operations Director Paul Rodgers then travelled to their warehouse late Sunday afternoon to physically check the stock, pack it on a pallet and also organise dedicated vehicle to collect it Sunday evening. The fitting was delivered to Rolls Royce Chichester before 8 am the next morning Monday January 14thas promised.



This has resulted in stemming losses that would have run into many thousands of pounds. we are grateful to the fantastic stocks and service from R2M. As an emergency service contractor HV Fusion need to have quality suppliers that can go above and beyond the call of duty and this not the first time R2M have been there for us.



HV Fusion


I would just like to thank you for your help on our scheme at Apperley Road. This scheme was to divert an existing 400 diameter Yorkshire water rising main and increasing it in size to 500mm for a new development.

We spoke to the Yorkshire water supplier for VJ and after two or three days going backwards and forwards we were given a delivery time of approx. 6 weeks. We were doing the pre-planned connection in one week.

After speaking to yourself you had both fittings on the shelf in the Nova Siria range. We agreed with Yorkshire waters solutions engineer and project manager to use these.

The connection then went ahead on time and the fittings worked just right saving us from a potential 6 week delay.

Thanks again.



S&B Utilities

Dear Steve,

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your help and support during our recent cryptosporidium incident.  I am very conscious of the hard work put in by so many to help us restore supply of good quality water to over 300,000 homes and businesses in Lancashire.  People worked tirelessly to get parts and equipment to us and then help us install and commission it as quickly as possible.  I consider us very fortunate to have such good friends and partners.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone in your team that played a part.

Thanks and best wishes,


United Utilities

Hi Carl,

Just wanted you to know that Matt has been exceptional with the help he has given today. R2M and Matt have been the talk of the office and the site at Newbury. Not to mention all the other sites we have.

Have a pleasant evening.



JB Construction


Can’t thank you enough for the help and patience today on this order. Just shows your expertise.

Well done you Sir.



JB Construction

Ant / Will,

I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help, the pipe arrived as promised and the gang are in the process of laying it, this has probably prevented developer writing in to complain so again thanks for the great service.

Kind Regards,




I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in helping me procure and collect the fittings last Saturday and can only apologise for disturbing the time you were enjoying with your family.

Your efforts have been much appreciated and you can be assured that we will be using R2M as our first point of call for any fittings.

Thanks once again,


Gallagher Ltd


Can you pass on my thanks to your team who assisted me in overcoming a tricky repair at one of our pumping stations. The leak was on a flanged mdpe bend and we were able to use the end restraint couplings and the pipe you supplied to make a sound repair.

If you or Will can contact me this week we can arrange for you to come to Bristol Water and discuss encapsulation collars and anything else R2M may be able to do for us.

Kind regards,


Bristol Water plc

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your help!

Can I get your postal address please at R2M? After this last week I think I owe you and the team some chocolates as a thank you. We wouldn’t have made this project without you.

Kind regards,


Bristol Water plc


Thanks for the excellent service as always.

Kind regards,


Polyethylene Pipelines Co Ltd

Hi Carl,

Can you please pass on my thanks to Lee, your supplier had a problem in delivering the 450mm pipe to site and we discovered that the vj’s we ordered didn’t fit due to the pipe diameter, he took my calls over the weekend and this morning even on his leave to arrange for the delivery to get to site today.

Please send him my thanks,


MWH Treatment Ltd

Hi Lee,

Many thanks for your invaluable help yesterday. Your expertise, knowledge and determination greatly assisted us with what was an emergency situation. It is very much appreciated by me and my team.

Thank you!

Please also thank Paul for delivering the fittings with such speed.

The installation went well, and was completed at around 11.00pm. STW now have another borehole fully operational.



Flowco Limited

Hi Carl,

The lads got there at 2100 hrs, they picked up the flange adaptors. They are now heading back up North.

Many thanks for pulling that round for me, really appreciate it.

Kind regards




Thought you would like to know that Lee of Anglian Water has been singing your praises.  Very grateful for the efficient service.  Says you have pulled them out of a hole more than once and won`t forget it.



We went with R2M on the Rivington project which consisted of slip lining the existing 1000mm CI mains primarily because of the cost savings back to the project, which on the first three phases using R2M Nova Siria fittings cost around £98K against Viking Jonson fittings which on phase 1 /2 only, would have cost £350k. Secondly was the installation benefits that they provide on large PE mains with the design tolerance on them and being externally sealed not internally which would require re rounding tools and heating blankets to support the installation of conventional coupling all adding time. The technical support from R2M  has been another key factor with people at all levels in their business giving us what  support we needed at the drop of hat along with support from Nova Siria coming over from Italy to support any concerns we raised with the pipe liners. Given the experience we have had using them I would not hesitate to offer them the opportunity to tender on future


United Utilities

United Utilities specified the Novagrip fitting for their prestigious Vyrnwy Aqueduct project. Andy  – Innovation Mgr at contractor Balfour Beatty commented

‘The savings on this scheme are substantial, running into many hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Novagrip fittings were specified due their large tolerance as the old 1000 mm cast iron main varies in diameter along its 160km length. The Novagrips having 30mm tol meant we often used the same Fitting even though the main od varied along its length. This meant less time callipering the main and so made them easier to fit reducing installation times and de-risking our operatives due to less time in the trench’.

United Utilities  

‘As discussed we have been using Nova Siria thrust restraining flange adaptors and couplings for many years now with excellent results.

Our site teams have stated that they find them very easy to fit and are versatile enough to be used on many different mains sizes and materials including large diameters. Of particular use is that the Nova Siria fittings are always in stock with R2M. This means that we can respond quickly to changes in site conditions and allows us to limit downtime and increase productivity’.


Thames Water  

‘We used the Nova Siria Flange Adaptor on a sliplined section of 560mm” watermain in Central London, where space was a major constraint.

We found the Nova Siria product easy to work with and could be fitted quickly. There was no delays waiting for heating mats which was an added bonus for us working to tight programme deadlines. We found the product to be as good as any similar products that we have used in the industry’


Thames Water

Skanska main laying teams had not seen this type of fitting before and were skeptical as to whether the fitting would inhibit the installation times. However as Paul ( site agent )  commented ‘The Lads that installed these fittings thought that they would be quite difficult, and take a long time to fit, but were surprised just how easy and quick they were to install’.


Thames Water

‘Some of my guys were surprised we did not need heating blankets or re-rounding tools which is normally essential on large PE mechanical joints. And overall we were impressed with the fittings. They were easy to handle and fit, the quality of the fittings were top of the range and the lead time and delivery were well within the agreed programme. I would definitely use them again’


Water Treatment Wks

NMCNomenca invited R2M in during the early stages of the design and were able to use Nova Siria universal end restraint couplings on a 5932m 560 and 500mm HDPE rising main at Sawley, Derbyshire. The fittings were used for dismantling joints; couplings HDPE-HDPE; and transition couplings GRP – HDPE bringing savings in both cost and programme.


Severn Trent 

‘To enhance the whole operation we used special end load fittings supplied by R2M one of our specialist pipe fitting suppliers. The fittings are manufactured by Nova Siria in Italy and proved invaluable for the job in hand. The water main had been pulled or had settled over the years and so was slightly out of alignment. The end load Multi-grip flanged fittings worked perfectly because they have a wide pipe diameter tolerance of 30mm degree tolerance and could not be easier to install. Also being 16 Bar end load fittings they saved a huge amount of concrete as no thrust blocks needed to be placed.’


Wessex Water

Upon initial enquiries with the kit framework suppliers it was evident that there was no end restraint coupling above 300mm that would be suitable for the application.

After numerous considerations had been made it was decided the best solution could be to use a Nova Siria end restraint. This product was not previously known to us & was made known by a non-kit framework supplier R2M). It offered being able to connect from 506mm o.d. cast iron pipe terminating to a 450mm Pn 16 flange connection & being an end restraint could be capable of being good up to 16bar pressure.

The product works by using retractable metal teeth that grip the pipe thus giving the desired end restraint whilst still providing the capability of being easily removed should needs be so we didn’t require dismantling joints. We found the service provided by both the supplier/distributor & manufacturer to be excellent. The product easy met all our expectations. Installation instructions were supplied & expert advise was available should any problems arise. If this type of application should arise then there would be no hesitation in using / recommending the product’.



United Utilities

Hi Carl,

It was good to meet up with you and many thanks for organising our recent trip to meet the staff of Nova Siria and see their manufacturing facility at Roletto.

For my part this was a thoroughly worthwhile investment in time in that I now appreciate not just the full range of high quality “off the shelf” equipment on offer by Nova Siria but also their in house capacity to develop bespoke solutions to solve the problems of their clients.

Especially useful for me was in relation to the full range of large diameter pipeline solutions, although having seen the 4 X 3.6m diameter couplings awaiting dispatch to Turkey I may have to recalibrate my understanding of large diameter!

It was great opportunity to meet up with many of the staff and I came away with a real sense of a can do company ethos, something you can’t get from an exhibition.


United Utilities

‘R2M have been our knight in shining armour each and every time we have had an emergency scheme, including two high profile projects on major water treatment works in the midlands, both of which had the potential to leave customers without water”. They have repeatedly responded to our calls at all times of the day and night (even at 3am on a Saturday morning) and have worked with us to ensure all of our requirements are met; this has included liaison on the design of repair works, as well as opening up their workshop and distribution facility out of hours, to ensure our requirements were met, to ultimately deliver an outstanding service to our client’.

Quote from NMC Operations Team after winning outstanding customer Service Award 2017

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