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Dear Customer,
Coronavirus Bulletin dated 161 March 2020-Implications to our Employees and the continued supply of product to customers. 
Due to the ever-changing challenges caused by the threat/s caused by coronavirus, here at R2M we would like to publicise our current situation about our general health & safety stance on the corona virus. Plus, the continued supply of products to our customers. We have a team in place to deal with any changes which will translate to all employees, customers and suppliers … which will be led by Paul Rodgers (Operations Director) paul@r2mltd.co.uk: mobile number 07428786600
Office number 01282 778030
Our company ‘disaster recovery plan’, doesn’t cover a worldwide pandemic, but some the ingredients of business risks covered, do have a relevance to our actions about the coronavirus.
Accordingly, unless restrictions put on industry by the Government change drastically … our current situation is as follows: –
Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response -GOV.UK
www.gov.uk >government>topical-events >coronavirus-covid-19-u..
Our Employees
All our employees have completed a health questionnaire, specifically about coronavirus. Employees with an
underlying health problem will be instructed where possible to work from home.
All employees have been adhering to our extended hygiene practices for more than 3 weeks.
Self-isolation -Rota system with employees will be triggered when required.
All Sales employees have availability to work remotely, so business as usual
All meetings at R2M ‘s HQ have now been cancelled till further notice, either with customers and/or suppliers to reduce face to face contact and lessen the probability of infection.
Visitors to R2M ‘s Altham site are now only from service providers such as hauliers, couriers etc. Who if require using our facilities … are asked to do so under certain hygiene guidelines?
Business as usual here at R2M Ltd 24/7 telephone 01282 778030 24/7 
Our customers and continued supply of product. 
Liaison, cooperation and service including the supply of products to our customers is always to the forefront of our company’s philosophy.
Our sales team and support departments can if required/thought necessary work remotely from home. And in some cases, this practice has already begun. Our computer systems are backed-up and secure as detailed in our disaster recovery plan. Contact mobile numbers are already advertised on communication emails from our sales team, operations departments. And as always, our staff can be contacted 24/7 if required.
Daily updates with our suppliers are ongoing, to ensure communication can be shared daily if required.
Our stock holding is currently healthy due to contingency plans we as a company put into place over Brexit.
We have received confirmation from all our supplier of their own polices and hygiene pratices for the coronavirus at this time.
An array of our ‘top line’ manufacturers are based in countries that are currently affected more severely with the coronavirus than the UK. Nova Siria fittings (Italy), Molecor pipes (Spain) Hawle (Austria) are still producing/manufacturing and to date collections and deliveries into our Altham HQ fluid. A number of Ductile fittings etc we do ship from China, with shipments stagnating currently. Hence, new queries/orders will be dealt with at contract review and any new/unexpected limitations communicated to customers forthwith.
As the coronavirus only lives on surfaces for up to 72 hours as we have been advised, logistics decree that the
supply of product from the countries listed above, will be clear of contamination. Plus, the good hygiene practices of our suppliers, our own warehouse staff, should guarantee as much as possible…an uncontaminated delivery of product to customer.
As denoted earlier within this bulletin, meetings are currently cancelled at R2M HQ …. however, facetime, Skype, conference calls can of course be arranged.
Please request if you would like a confirmation details of the stocks to any of the Sales team.
CONTACT AS FOLLOWS: Office number 01282 778 030    24/7
Internal Sales Team – For updates on order with a lead-time, new orders and any other services you require:
Matt Phillips      matt@r2mltd.co.uk       07450961250
Ant Bloxsom      ant@r2mltd.co.uk          07479554380
Dan Carnera      dan@r2mltd.co.uk         07365148235
Craig Richardson craig@r2mltd.co.uk   07868132799
Ashley Foster    ashley@r2mltd.co.uk     07782521696
Carl Wade         carl@r2mltd.co.uk          07836282114
Julia Stichling   julia@r2mltd.co.uk        07782523995
Mark Platt        mark@r2mltd.co.uk        07428534132
Warehouse & Logistics
John Lonsdale John@r2mltd.co.uk        07463622752
Scott Sweeney Scott@r2mltd.co.uk        07491912373
Paul Rodgers   paul2r2mltd.co.uk          07428786600
External Sales
Will Garrod      will@r2mltd.co.uk         07447672968
Dave McDonough dave@r2mltd.co.uk 07577629226
Mark Beesley markb@r2mltd.co.uk      07446001872
Accounts Dept
Sue Delve        sue@r2mltd.co.uk           01282778030  option 2
Gillian Lee      gillian@r2mltd.co.uk      01282778030  option 2
Coronavirus Team @R2M Ltd
Paul Rodgers paul@r2mltd.co.uk 
Lee Vicker Lee@r2mltd.co.uk
Michael Hindley michael@r2mltd.co.uk 
Julia Stichling julia@r2mltd.co.uk
Included below is our presentation of Coronavirus CoVID-19 ‘Stops With You’.
If this bulletin doesn’t answer all of your concerns, please contact me.
I will issue a further bulletin if and when required.
Paul Rodgers
Operations Director
Mobile: 07248786600


Corona virus stops with you - Copy

Coronavirus – R2M Ltd currently remains fully operational

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