R2M Roadshow’s 2019

The 1st of 10 R2M Roadshow’s 2019 will start at South West Water Mon 4th March, Exewater Depot. Its great to start with SWW who already fully embrace Innovation from R2M such as Molecor, Connector Clamps, Hawle System 2000, Hawle Saddles. Nova Siria Encapsulation collars & Wide Range End Restraint Fittings. Great to work with such forward thinking water companies who are doing things differently to change results. There is much more than this to see also inc the EZ Valve for Live Valve Insertion. 💦

#R2M #Hawle #NovaSiria #Molecor #AVTEZValve 

#Innovation #MinimiseMinutesLost #ALWAYSON


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